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Board and Train

Our Board and Train program isn’t just about teaching commands; it’s about building a stronger bond, unlocking potential, and creating a confident, well-rounded companion. Give your pup the gift of transformative learning in a haven of nature.
Individualised Roadmap: Forget cookie-cutter programs! Our experienced trainers assess each pup’s unique needs and goals, crafting a personalised training plan that addresses everything from basic obedience to advanced tricks or behaviour modification.
One-on-One Focus: When training with Polite Pups, your dog gets to enjoy the benefits of dedicated one-on-one training sessions every single day.
Real-Life Scenarios: Training at Polite Pups goes beyond sterile classrooms or the boundaries of our premises. We take our students on daily school excursions to busy, high distraction areas to work with them. We expose them to the same situations they would encounter on their owner’s side, and we teach them to make good choices in unexpected scenerios.
Balanced Training: We believe in gentle guidance and positive reinforcement but we also believe in structure and boundaries.

Beyond the Basics:

Our Board and Train program offers more than just sit, stay, and come. We specialize in:
Puppy Socialisation and Development: Early socialisation is crucial for puppies. We provide safe, supervised interactions with other pups and friendly farm animals, fostering confidence and social skills.
Behavioral Modification for Anxiety and Reactivity: Does your pup struggle with anxiety or reactivity? Our trainers utilize gentle techniques to address these challenges, promoting calmness and confidence in a variety of situations.
Follow-Up Lessons for Lasting Success: Your pup’s training journey doesn’t end with their holiday. We offer several follow-up lesson packages to ensure a smooth transition back home and continued progress. 
Progress Updates: We know entrusting your best friend is a big decision. That’s why we provide progress updates 5 days / week, including photos and videos, so you can witness your pup’s journey first hand.

Price: $140/day