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About me and my dogs

  • My name is Zselyke Rockwell and I was born in Hungary. I grew up with a working line Hungarian vizsla and her love led me to pursuit a career working with animals. I completed my basic Dog Training and Behaviour course in Budapest, led by several of Hungary’s most famous and skilled professional trainers.


After the course I adopted my hard-working canine trainee, Hajni, who has since become a beloved member of my family. Before relocating to Australia, I worked for two years as a self-employed professional dog trainer while volunteering at a no-kill shelter.

I moved to Sydney, Australia in 2019 to live with my husband and brought my dog with me.


Unfortunately, not long after her arrival she received a significant injury (a slipped spinal disc) and became paralyzed in her back legs, meaning she had to retire from the majority of her training. These days you can spot her in north-west Sydney in her little doggy wheelchair, putting a smile on everyone’s face and making them believe that life is amazing and nothing is impossible, regardless of the obstacles we sometimes encounter on the way.


Since my arrival to Sydney I have been training dogs in the Eastern Suburbs, North Sydney and the Central Coast and I became familiar with this beautiful area and the stunning dog breeds of Australia. In fact, since 2022 I’m the proud owner of a wonderful blue cattle dog, one of Australia’s most iconic dogs!

In the last couple of years my focus has been working with reactive dogs and dogs with behavioural issues. I am devoted to helping people to create and maintain a great, balanced relationship with their dogs and to be able to enjoy a relaxing time together. My goal is to give useful and direct information to dog owners and to help build their confidence and improve their handling skills so that eventually they don’t need me anymore.


I firmly believe there is always more to learn, whatever your profession might be! Since I have arrived to Australia, I have participated in the following programs to further my education:


– Andrew Clark’s Advanced Safe Dog Handling Workshop (2020)

– Vicki Austin’s Puppy School Instructor Course (2022)

– Vicki Austin’s Treating Aggression Problems Workshop (2022)

– Jay Jack’s Play Is The Way seminar (2023)

After volunteering in a no-kill shelter in Hungary and owning a rescue dog myself, I find it very important to support rescue organisations and people who are willing to adopt.
I am offering a 10% discount for people with rescue dogs.